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Wynnstay is a major supplier of quality animal feeds, minerals, supplements, milk replacers and liquid feeds for all species of livestock, and operate across Wales, the Borders, Central and Southern England. Feed sales in excess of 350,000 tonnes of the compound and blended feeds are supplied from three locations; Llansantffraid, Rhosfawr and Carmarthen.

Wynnstay Feed Range

Beef & Dairy Feeds

Dairy & Beef Cattle Feeds

Dairy Feeds | Beef Feeds | Calf Feeds | Heifer Rearer Feeds | Calf Milk Powders

Formulated to meet the needs of the modern dairy or beef cow, our cattle feeds to ensure you can offer your herd a balanced feed. Our specialists will work closely with you to determine the best blend for your herd's needs. 

Sheep Feed

Sheep & Lamb Feeds

Lamb Milk Replacers | Lamb Feeds | Ewe Feeds

Our LAMBMASTER feed range offers a range of feeds to suit all systems from store lamb finishing to intensive early lamb production. Alongside the LAMBMASTER range we also offer EWEMASTER, a range of quality, high energy concentrates.

Poultry Feed

Poultry Feeds

520 Range | 630 Range | Layers Range

As one of the leading poultry feed manufacturers in the UK, we have a strong tradition in producing high-quality feed formulations of proteins, cereals, oils, vitamins and minerals. Our tailored rations will help you exceed breeder performance targets in both egg numbers and weight.

Pig Feeds

Pig Feeds

Finsher Feeds | Grower Feeds | Wean Feeds

Wynnstay has been manufacturing monogastric diets for over 30 years, this experience helps us ensure we are producing pig feeds that will perform to today's high standards. 

Quality Backed by Research

Feeds are formulated by a highly qualified team of nutritionists who are passionate that their products perform as expected. Close working relationships with major agricultural colleges enable commercial trials to be carried out. This gives our customers confidence that our feeds are backed by research. We can demonstrate a documented, systematic quality assurance programme, which includes UFAS accredited plants. Every load of feed and the source of raw materials used can be traced back if required.

We purchase many home-grown ingredients and, as such, remain a large user of locally grown cereals and pulses.

Wynnstay Animal Feeds

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