AfiAct II Cow Leg Sensor


AfiAct II is a very advanced cow leg sensor that is 5 products in 1! It has heat detection, best ID, provides calving alerts, monitors rest and wellbeing, and has lameness detection.

Product Description


Heat Detection

  • Improves your herds pregnancy rate
  • Accuracy
  • Time sensitive heat detection

Animal ID

  • Active antenna technology
  • Powerful tool for accurtate cow identification

Calving Alerts

  • Timely alerts on the start of calving
  • Be notified of prolonged calving
  • Prevents complications and calf mortality

Monitor Rest, Healthy & Group Wellbeing

  • Helps you identify health problems
  • Helps identify group wellbeing issues such as overcrowding, poor bedding, or excess group movements

Detection of Lameness

  • Will achieve early detection of many of the lame animals

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